What is GRE?

This article gives an overview about the GRE examination and how GRE will help you in your career.

GRE is short for Graduate Record Examination. It is an exam conducted by ETS(Educational Testing Services) which tests the applicants Verbal, Quantitative, Logical and Analytical thinking and skills. If you are planning to pursue higher education and join a Grad school, you need to take GRE and meet the minimum requirements of the Grad School for the GRE.

GRE cost
The cost incurred for taking the GRE varies from country to country. In India, the cost for taking GRE is about $175. This includes free score reporting to any 4 schools of the applicant's choice. Typically the cost varies from $130 to $200. Due the high cost of taking this exam, many applicants who cannot afford it due to their financial status do not take this test. ETS offers financial aid or fee wiaver to such students provided they meet certain criteria.

GRE books
ETS has launched an official guide to revised GRE to prepare applicants for the modified format of GRE since August 2011. This is the most recommended GRE book. For a complete list of GRE books, read the article: List of GRE books

GRE score
GRE score varies between 260-340 scale, 260 being the minimum score and 340 being the maximum. Higher you score, your chances of getting admit from a Graduate School are much higher.
Maximum GRE score: 340
Verbal Reasoning Score: 130-170 (1 pt increment)
Quantitative Reasoning Score: 130-170 (1 pt increment)
Analytical Writing Score: 0 - 6 (0.5 pt increment)

Average GRE scores
In general, applicants get GRE scores in the range of 290-310. Hence, the score of 290+ is termed as average GRE score. A score of 310+ is regarded as good GRE score. A score of 320+ is termed as a very good GRE score. Higher your GRE score, more are your chances of getting an admit from a higher ranked US University for Graduate Studies. For a complete list of average GRE scores for US Universities, you can read the article: Average GRE score for US Universities

GRE scores and Universities 2012
GRE scores play a very important role in getting an admission into top US Universities. We have compiled a list of Universities for certain GRE scores. The chances of applicants admission to Universities based on their GRE scores can be gauged from this list. Read this article for more details: GRE scores for US Universities 2012