Two month plan for revised GRE preparation

This article describes in detail a two month plan to follow for revised GRE preparation. Two months is a sufficient time to take the test and get a good score. This article will help you to crack the revised GRE in a couple of months. 

If you have just two months left for your exam date and have not done any significant preparation, do not postpone your exam date.

Make your plan of action and abide by it till the very end. I would suggest a plan based on my experience, but one must identify his/her own strengths and weaknesses and make his own plan.
    Month 1
            Week 1-3: Wordlist and reading comprehensions
            Week 4: Wordlist, sentence equivalence, text completion and reading comprehensions
Month 2
            Week 1-2: Wordlist, sentence equivalence, text completion and reading comprehensions
            Week 3: Quantitative, Analytical Writing and 1 practice test
            Week 4: Quantitative, 2 practice tests and revision                

Detailed description of the two month plan for revised GRE
  1. Do not invest a lot of time for the Analytical Writing section. Just spend a few days for preparation of AWA and you will score well in this section.
  2. Give only one week for Quant section preparation. Push the Quant preparation as late as possible.
  3. Do not take more than 3 complete revised GRE practice tests. These tests take almost 4 hours and you feel very exhausted after taking them.
  4. Take a revised GRE practice exam one week before the exam date, right after you have prepared for the Quant section. Take another exam 3 days before the exam date and still if you feel you are not confident, only then postpone your exam date.
  5. Make sure you are thorough with the 1500 high frequency wordlist. Give at least 4 hours every day for learning words. Learn at least 50 words daily.
  6. For the first month, solve at least 4 passages daily. Analyse the answers thoroughly and see where you are going wrong. Whatever new words you come across make a list of them and add it to your daily words to learn.
  7. In 4th week, practice the Sentence Equivalence and text completion questions. By this time, you will be confident about most of the words asked in these questions. Practice as many questions as you can. Any new words you see, add them to your daily list.
  8. Do not stop solving passages after first month. You can reduce the number of passages, but solve at least 2 passages daily. Remember reading comprehension accounts to half of the questions in the Verbal section. Also, solving passages help build your vocabulary indirectly.
  9. Finally, two weeks before exam prepare the Quant section and then take a practice test. Analyse your performance, your weak points and concentrate only on the weak points in the last week.
  10. There is absolutely no need to spoil your sleep and study late nights in the last week. Be confident. If you have followed what you had planned, there is no need to worry. You will get a good score.
  11. The practice tests in the official guide to revised GRE from ETS are slightly difficult than the actual revised GRE test. So, don’t worry even if you get a low score in your practice test.