After revised GRE

You have your revised GRE score and are planning to apply to Universities for higher education. The articles in this section will help you analyse your GRE score. Comparison of old and new GRE scores along with detailed analysis can be found in following articles. Help regarding using the new scores to select Universities for higher education in US or any other country is also provided in these articles.

      1.   Comparison chart of Revised GRE and old GRE scores - A detailed study about old GRE and new GRE score conversion is explained in this article. Also a mapping table of old GRE and revised GRE can be found in this link. The old scores of GRE are converted in the new scoring system and sent to the Universities.
 2. Conversion of old GRE to new GRE score - This article provides a complete conversion from old to new GRE with low, average and good GRE scores in old as well as new format. 
       3.    What US Universities will I get with my revised GRE score? - How to target the various Universities in USA with your revised GRE score? This artice will help you select Universities based on your GRE marks out of 340. You can find a range of marks for which you will have a list of Universties most suited to your profile.

 4. List of US Universities not requiring revised GRE scores for admission - Got a very low revised GRE score? Got a revised GRE score of less than 300? No need to worry. In this article you can find all those universities in US which do not require Revised GRE for admission into higher education programs. Many Universities do not put a criteria or cut off of Revised GRE and all such Universities are listed in the following paragraphs. Also, you can find the Universities which can waiver your Revised GRE requirement based on your undergraduate performance. All such Universities are also mentioned.

       5.  From GRE till US VISA - This website contains all relevant information regarding US University applications. Useful information right from GRE, TOEFL exam preparations till getting your US VISA stamped is provided in this website. Make full use of this website which can act as a guide for your exam preparations, University selections, University shortlisting, education loan help, financial documents help, SOP writing tips, recommendation letter writing tips, profile evaluation and VISA application details.

 6. Profile Evaluation for US Universities - Submit this profile evaluation form and get a list of most suited US Universities for your profile and evaluated chances of getting admission into Universities specified by you.This service is brought free of cost by authors of this website who are students/employees currently residing in US and are pursuing or completed higher education in US