Which Universities will I get with my revised GRE score?

This article describes the possible Universities that one can target with their revised GRE score. This list includes all the preferred US Universities by applicants across the world. There are four sections of revised GRE scores that I have created - 325+, 315-324, 307-314, <307. 

The revised GRE is still very new. After the fall 2012 admissions the picture will be much clear. But as of now, we can only guess based on a rough mapping of old and new GRE scores and some other facts. Even the universities would not have a lot of clarity while comparing students scores based on revised GRE scoring system. This makes all the other aspects of your profile extremely important. Thus, make sure to have a very good SOP which is in your hands. Your acads, references and other activities also have equal importance.

I have divided the Universities based on rankings. All the rankings are for engineering students. The expected Universities are solely based on the assumption that your SOP, recommendations and academics are very good. Otherwise, there is no use using the following list.

Revised GRE score>325

Keep in mind that the maximum score that can be obtained in revised GRE is 336. Also, the percentile difference for Quant score of 166 down to 161 isn't very huge. Thus, the review committee will consider all the students above 325 to be fairly similar. This makes you revised GRE toppers
You have a very strong chance of getting a top 10 University. Consider applying to at least 3 of top 10. Very few Indians apply to top Universities. So, take your chances.

   1. Stanford University
   2. Carnegie Mellon University
   3. University of California, Berkeley  
   4. Georgia Tech  
   5. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
   6. University of Texas Austin
   7. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
   8. Cornell University

Revised GRE score between 315 to 324

You may not have a very bright chance in top 10 Universities above, but still you can apply to at least one of them. Do apply to at least 3 universities in the following list of 11 to 20.

   1. Purdue University
   2. University of Southern California
   3. Texas A&M University
   4. University of California San Diego
   5. University of Wisconsin Madison
   6. Columbia University
   7. University of Maryland College Park
   8. Pennsylvania State
   9. Virginia Tech
   10. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Revised GRE score between 307 to 314

You have an outside chance in the above list of top 20 if your profile is extremely good. So I suggest apply to one University in top 20 from the above list. The following list of Universities from 20 to 40 are your best chance. So apply to at least 3 Universities from this list
   1. University of Washington
   2. Ohio State University
   3. University of Florida
   4. Duke University
   5. North Carolina State University
   6. University of Colorado Boulder
   7. University of California Irvine
   8. Arizona State University
   9. Iowa State University
   10. University at Buffalo - SUNY

Revised GRE score between 300 to 307

Based on your profile, you might stand a chance in the above list. But I would suggest you apply to not more than 3 Universities from the top 40. You can split your remaining in following list of Universities.
1. University of Connecticut
2. University of Illinois - Chicago
3. Colorado State University
4. Syracuse University
5. University of Texas Dallas
6. Illinois Institute of Technology
7. Clemson University
8. Tufts University
9. University of Central Florida

Revised GRE score below 306

The University rankings hardly matter after top 50. So, take into consideration other factors if you are targeting Universities which are ranked lower than 50. Do not consider these universities as lower in educational standard. All US universities have an excellent education system and no matter which University you go, you will get ample opportunity to learn and excel.
Some of the most preferred universities:
   1. University of Cincinnati
   2. Mississippi State University
   3. University of North Carolina - Chappel Hill
   4. Washington State University 
   5. Michigan Technological University
   6. University of Texas Arlington
   7. New Jersey Institute of Technology
   8. Portland State University
   9. Santa Clara University

I repeat that you must have a good profile - academics, Statement of Purpose and recommendations to get admissions in top 20 Universities along with your revised GRE score in above range.

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