What is the revised GRE scoring system?

This post gives you information and facts regarding the revised GRE scoring and revised GRE scores reporting. GRE is no longer an exam with 1600 maximum marks. It is now scored on 340 score scale. Know all about this new range in this post.

Maximum marks in revised GRE: 340

Verbal Reasoning Score scale: 130-170 (1 pt increment)
Quantitative Reasoning Score scale: 130-170 (1 pt increment)
Analytical Writing Score: 0-6 (0.5 pt increment)

Important facts about revised GRE scoring
  1. Revised GRE is section level adaptive for Verbal and Quantitative sections. Thus the difficulty level of the second section of Verbal or Quant is based on your performance in the first section.
  2. Revised GRE raw score is the number of correct answers (e.g. 25 out of 40). This score is scaled into a final score in the above scoring range based on the difficulty level of the sections.
  3. In one section, all the 20 questions are fixed. In old GRE, difficulty level of next question was based on performance of previous question. No such adaptive questioning in revised GRE.
  4. Analytical writing section is evaluated manually by trained readers. Average of scores given by two readers becomes your final score.
  5. Aim to achieve score in excess of 155 in Verbal and 160 in Quant, a total score>315. This will ensure your admit in a good University with a chance of financial aid.
  6. Revised GRE scores are valid for 5 years from the date of examination.

Revised GRE score reporting
  1. Revised GRE scores for Verbal and Quantitative sections are calculated immediately after the completion of the test and you will get a final score out of 340 for these sections
  2. Final revised GRE test scores along with Analytical Writing section and percentiles are updated 10-15 days after the exam date.
  3. Final revised GRE test scores hard copy will be mailed to your address and you will receive it after 4-6 weeks after the exam depending on your locality.