How to study for Quantitative Reasoning section in revised GRE?

This article covers all the hints and tips to approach the quantitative section of the revised GRE including the various question types. Quantitative section comprises of a number of comparison questions and hints to handle them are covered in this article.

There are 2 sections of Quantitative Reasoning each having 20 questions and 35 minutes to complete.

Question Types in revised GRE:
  1. Compare quantities – (6-8 questions)
  2. Data Interpretation/Graphs – (5-7 questions)
  3. Numeric Entry questions – (2 questions)
  4. Random math questions

Caution: In the official guide to GRE revised general test, there are 25 questions in the practice test. Also, in the powerprep II software, there are 25 questions. But in the actual exam, only 20 questions are asked in both sections.

Hints and Tips for Quantitative reasoning in revised GRE:
  1. Practice all the questions in the ‘Official Guide to GRE revised general test’ from ETS. Any other practice will help, but I would suggest use this time for increasing vocabulary and concentrate on Verbal.
  2. Concentrate on statistical analysis, probability distribution and frequency distribution. If you are unlucky, you might get 2 questions based on this. So, better safe than sorry. Do not leave these sections.
  3. Probability questions can be tricky. Be careful while attempting the probability questions.
  4. Do not use calculator unnecessarily. It is a waste of time.
  5. Do not spend a lot of time on Quantitative Reasoning. 3-4 days of dedicated preparation is more than sufficient for Quantitative section. Any usage of time beyond that will only help you take your score from 163(780 old format) to maybe 165(790 old format). But the same time given for Verbal will improve your verbal score from 150(400 old format) to 158(650 old format).
  6. Do not neglect the Quantitative Reasoning section. We Indians feel that Quantitative Section doesn’t need any practice. Keep in mind that majority of Universities consider only Quant score while giving admits. A high Quant score, but an average Verbal score will always get preference over A high verbal score, but an average Quant score.