What is the Revised GRE pattern?

In this post you will find the entire updated format for the revised GRE pattern. ETS changed the revised GRE pattern from August 2011, including the scoring system. Although the sections are still same, there are new question types included in each section

Duration of revised GRE exam: 4 hours approx

Various sections in revised GRE
  • Analytical Writing (Always comes first inthe exam)
  • Verbal Reasoning (Total 2 sections in exam)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Total 2 sections inexam)
  • Unscored Section (not disclosed)
  • Research Section (disclosed..Always comesat the end)
    Breaks in revised GRE:
    Only one big break of 10 minutes after section 3
    Small breaks of 1 minute between sections.

    Sample revised GRE pattern Examples:
    Depending on the various permutations, you can get one of the following three sample examples for revised GRE. Depending on unscored or research section, we can list out still more combinations, but for understanding purpose, I have enlisted three major revised GRE pattern examples for your reference.

       Section 1: AnalyticalWriting – 2 tasks (1 hour)
       Section 2: Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)
       Section 3:Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)
      Break: 10minutes
       Section 4:Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)
       Section 5:Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)
       Section 6: Research Section (35 minutes)

    Sample 2
       Section 1: Analytical Writing – 2 tasks(1 hour)
       Section 2: VerbalReasoning (30 minutes)
       Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)
      Break: 10 minutes
       Section 4: Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)..Unscored
       Section 5: Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)
       Section 6: Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)

    Sample 3
       Section 1: Analytical Writing – 2 tasks(1 hour)
       Section 2: Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)..Unscored
       Section 3: VerbalReasoning (30 minutes)
      Break: 10 minutes
       Section 4: Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)
       Section 5: Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)
       Section 6: Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes)

    Revised GRE scoring system
    GRE is no longer an exam of 1600 marks, but of only 340 maximum marks. Click on link to find the new scoring system of revised GRE