Comparison of revised GRE scores and old GRE scores

This article gives a detailed analysis of the old GRE and new GRE score mapping. There is a lot of confusion regarding the new GRE scores and how to compare with old GRE. This article is an attempt to clear this confusion.

ETS has released a sample conversion table. Click on the following link to view that

Important facts about old GRE to revised GRE conversion

1.  Universities will now be comparing scores of the revised GRE. So, the old GRE scaled scores will now be converted to new scaled scores based on the chart mentioned above. So do not try to convert the new scores into old scores and compare your scores.

2.  If observed carefully, in the revised GRE scores, maximum score for Quant section is 166. And a score of 159 corresponds to 750 in old scale. So do not be disheartened if you get low Quant scores.

3.  Because of many to many mappings, it is just not possible to compare old GRE and new GRE scores. If you need to compare, use percentiles instead of the scores.

4.  Since the revised GRE is still very new, most Universities will be comparing percentiles rather than scores of students. So no need to wonder what is a good score in revised GRE.

5.  If you have a score of 155 plus in Verbal and 160 plus in Quant, consider it a very good score.

6 . Your chances of getting an admit in a US University doesn't depend on your GRE scores alone. Your academic scores, recommendations and statement of purpose play an equally important role. So, concentrate on your entire profile as a whole, not just your GRE score.

7. For information on which Universities to target with revised GRE scores you can visit this link - Universities in US with revised GRE scores