Revised GRE FAQs solved

Here are a few very common FAQs for revised GRE:

1. How to compare old GRE and revised GRE scores?
Ans: According to me, we cannot compare the two scores based on the marks. ETS has declared a mapping table, but this conversion would not be helpful at all to strike a comparison. It is more advisable to compare the percentile scores as of now till ETS announces a clear comparison.
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2. How long are the revised GRE scores valid?
Ans: The revised GRE scores are valid for 5 years upto June 30th of 5th year. For e.g. if you took revised GRE on 26th September, 2011, your scores are valid upto 30th June, 2016.

3. Is Barron's wordlist necessary for revised GRE?
Ans: If you do not have time, there is no reason to worry about the Barron's wordlist. I prepared only the 1500 high frequency words and that is more than sufficient for the revised GRE. In revised GRE, it is more important to understand the usage of the words than the words themselves. For more on building your vocabulory click here.

4. What is the cutoff of Universities for revised GRE scores?
Ans: The minimum revised GRE score for admission is mentioned in the admission sections of the Universities websites. Click here to know more about this.

5. What is the ideal time to take revised GRE?
Ans: Generally, people prefer September and March to take GRE.
Applying to FALL: Take revised GRE in September previous year.
Applying to SPRING: Take revised GRE in March previous year.

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