How to study for Text Completion questions for revised GRE?

This post gives tricks and hints to study for text completion questions in revised GRE. Also a few sample questions.

There are 3 types of Text Completion Questions that are asked in revised GRE. There will be around 5-6 questions of this type in each section.

Types of Text Completion questions asked in revised GRE
  1. Questions having 3 blanks
  2. Questions having 2 blanks
  3. Questions having 1 blank

Some tricks and hints for Text Completion questions:
  1. Navigating through the questions is possible in the revised format of the GRE. Attempt these questions before the reading comprehensions as they won’t take a lot of time.
  2. In the questions having 3 blanks, two are generally contradictory and 1 is supporting. Or else, 1 is contradictory and 2 are supporting. Based on this logic, you can verify whether your selected options are correct. If all the three options are supporting or contradicting, read the question again before proceeding.
  3. The question having 1 blank has 2 sentences. Read the entire sentence completely before marking an answer.
  4. Try to fill out the blanks with your own word without looking at the options. Then try to find the synonym in the options. This strategy really helped me a lot.
  5. All the question types in text completion have 3 options for every blank. In these 3 blanks, 2 have similar meanings(for e.g. focus and overwhelm) and 1 is opposite of that meaning(for e.g. deflect). So without even looking at the sentence, we can guess that the answer is deflect. When in doubt, use this trick.
  6. Do not waste a lot of time on these questions. If you are unable to answer, make a guess and move on. Reading comprehensions require a lot of time.