Planning for an MBA abroad? Taking Revised GRE is a smart option.

This article gives a detailed picture about why you should take the revised GRE test if you are planning to pursue an MBA. In this article I have provided reasons why you should take the revised GRE for an MBA. The format of the revised GRE is modified in such a way that it tests your overall logical thinking and is most suited to measure a student's management aptitude. 

Revised format of the revised GRE more suitable to test MBA applicants
ETS revised the format of the GRE in August 2011. To go through the revised format of the GRE click on Revised GRE pattern. This format change was brought about keeping the various B-schools in mind. The demand for a change of pattern was mainly coming from the B-schools who wanted to align the format as per management students admission criteria. Hence, the stress on more realistic figures in the Math section was brought about. The inclusion of a calculator for this purpose was a positive step in this direction. Also, the dependence on extremely strong vocabulary was reduced and stress is given to words which are used in day to day conversations. The inclusion of more reading comprehension questions and reduction in the vocabulary based questions is definitely to test a student's comprehending ability rather than his ability to master vocabulary. All these changes were brought about to test the management related aptitude of students and enticing more and more B-schools to start accepting students based on their performance in the revised GRE.

Number of B-schools using revised GRE scores for admission for for MBA programs is constantly rising
With the revision in the format of the GRE more in line with an MBA aptitude of students, more number of B-schools are starting to accept revised GRE scores for admission. And with passing time, more number of B-schools will start accepting revised GRE scores. So, taking a revised GRE if you are planning for an MBA is definitely a smart choice as more and more Universities will start using revised GRE to measure and compare students who are applying for various MBA programs in those Universities. To see the list of all the Universities and B-schools accepting revised GRE scores for admissions for MBA, click on this official link of ETS: List of B-schools accepting revised GRE scores for MBA admissions

Taking revised GRE is cheaper than other tests for B-schools
There are a number of admission tests which are used by B-schools to admit students in the MBA programs of their departments. But all these tests including the GMAT(most widely used test for MBA admissions) are much more costlier than the revised GRE. Moreover, the preparation required for these tests is way more costlier and complex than for the revised GRE. In case of revised GRE, you can find all the preparation techniques in this blog and various official websites of ETS as well. The time required for the revised GRE preparation is much less than some of these tests. So, taking revised GRE instead of all these fancy tests is definitely a smarter option for you if you are planning to pursue an MBA.

Revised GRE will keep your options open for future
If you are unable to decide whether to pursue a higher education in technical field or in some management related field, taking revised GRE is the perfect solution for you. It will keep your options open and you can choose whichever field you want in future. Revised GRE is accepted for graduation programs as well as for MBA programs. Its value is recognized by top Universities in US, UK, Australia, Canada and other countries as well. Similarly, many top Business schools are also using revised GRE scores for admission of the prospective candidates for an MBA.

Flexibilty of revised GRE exam date and place
You can take the revised GRE any time of the year as per your wish. Also, revised GRE can be taken across more than 700 locations in more than 160 countries in the world. This kind of flexibility in time as well as place is hardly found in any other tests which you will take for an MBA. A revised GRE exam will thus become an excellent option if you are unsure as to when to take a test date or where to give the exam. You can choose from across so many locations as well as you can choose any time to take the revised GRE.