How to prepare for Revised GRE?

Preparation for revised GRE needs a direction which you can find in this post. Some essential tips and tricks which will help you start your preparation for the revised GRE are explained in this post. You can also find study plans, revised GRE material downoad links in this post

Understand the revised GRE format
Make sure you are thorough with the revised GRE format. You must be aware of the various sections in the revised GRE and how they are asked during the course of the exam. Also make yourself comfortable with the new scoring system adopted by ETS for revised GRE. You can find detailed information about revised GRE scoring by clicking on Revised GRE scoring system. It is very important that you are aquainted with the pattern of revised GRE as well as the scoring system of the revised GRE.

Make a study plan
The only reason why going to coaching classes helps because they have a study plan. It is not rocket science. A plan can be as simple as this – 2 hours of study daily. Everyone has different means and methods to study. So, one must plan according to one’s aptitude. According to me, 2 hours a day during a period of 3 months is more than sufficient to get a good score. The trick is to stick to what you have planned. So prepare a study plan and most importantly - follow it sincerely. Nobody can stop you from getting a decent score.

Get revised GRE material
Procure the “Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test” from ETS. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the revised GRE exam structure and various question types. You can get it from any store near you or you can order it along with your test registration. But do not depend only on this book for practice. You may not need any other book, but make sure you have enough online material and sample question types so that you can practice. Practice questions for revised GRE are very few on the official ETS site. You can use the various links in this blog from where you can download all the practice questions required.

Familiarize yourself with all the sections and question types in revised GRE
There are three sections in revised GRE - Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Make sure you visit Verbal Reasoning in revised GRE to find detailed Verbal Reasoning question types and Verbal Reasoning questions examples in revised GRE. Also visit Quantitative Reasoning in revised GRE to find detailed Quantitative Reasoning question types and Quantitative Reasoning questions examples in revised GRE. To find information about Analytical Writing section, you can visit Analytical Writing in revised GRE. Before you begin your preparation, make sure you understand every possible question that is asked by the ETS in revised GRE by visiting all the posts mentioned.

Target your weaker section
Most Indians find the Verbal Reasoning section of revised GRE very difficult. Now that the format has changed, it has become even more challenging. So start preparing for Verbal from day 1. Verbal Reasoning takes continuous preparation over a long duration. Overall GRE score will be decided by your Verbal score because most Indians score very high in the Quantitative section. Go through the Verbal Reasoning page to know how to prepare for this section.

Stop browsing for more
No need to keep searching and searching for question types, practice questions and other material online. You can get all the material necessary from this blog. Do not waste time on obtaining materials. Start preparation.

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