Why revised GRE?

Browse through the following articles which cover the various benefits of taking the GRE, important information before you begin preparing for GRE and qualifications required for taking GRE. Tips on how to start your preparation for revised GRE and how to build your vocabulary are also provided here.

Why to take revised GRE? - This article gives all the details regarding the importance of revised GRE. Also mentioned are the qualifications required to take revised GRE. A comprehensive list of all the institutes which accept revised GRE scores for admission and scholarships and also a list of B-schools which have started accepting revised GRE scores for MBA admissions will be found in this article.

What are the new features in revised GRE? - This article briefly highlights all the new features that have been introduced in the revised format of the GRE. Some of the new features include introduction of calculator, skipping of questions, etc. Click to read more.
Necessary information before you begin - This article gives all the prerequisites for revised GRE like what you require before taking the revised GRE. All the necessary documents, preparation methods and qualifications required for taking the GRE are given here.
Start preparing - This article gives important revised GRE preparation tips regarding how to begin preparing for the revised GRE. Also given how to use the information given in this website to prepare for GRE.

Build your vocabulary - This article provides useful information to help build your vocabulary. Revised GRE verbal section is heavily dependent on English vocabulary. Building your vocabulary will be helpful not just for GRE but also for many other competitive exams. So, make sure you use this information.

Revised GRE - A smart option for MBA aspirants - This article gives all the details as to why you should take revised GRE if you are planning to pursue an MBA program from any B-school of your choice from any country in the world. Revised GRE has been modified to suit MBA needs.