Revised GRE study material

There is a lot of study material for GRE in various sites on the internet. But most of the material is specific to the old format and very few sites offer material free of cost. Here is an attempt to provide you with the various websites which offer such material. Revised GRE free downloadable material is also available in this section. A list of books to be used and how to choose the books for revised GRE is also given in following articles.

1.   Free Practice material for revised GRE - This article gives free download links to revised GRE preparation material such as Barron's wordlist, practice questions, reading comprehensions and other material. All documents are shared google docs.

2.   List of books for revised GRE - This article gives a detailed list of books for revised GRE. Also find information about how to choose books for revised GRE preparation

3.  List of useful websites for revised GRE - This article provides information about all the useful websites which will help you in your preparation for revised GRE.

Any information presented in this site is from personal experience of the authors. All the study material provided in this site is partly original and partly a compilation of existing GRE material most suited for revised GRE preparation. Readers discretion is recommended before using the information and material in this webite