How to study for Sentence Equivalence questions for revised GRE?

This post gives you tricks and hints to study for the Sentence Equivalence questions for revised GRE.

There are about 5-6 questions of this type in each Verbal Reasoning section.

Example of Text Completion questions asked in revised GRE
Only by ignoring decades of mismanagement and inefficiency could investors conclude that a fresh infusion of cash would prove anything other than a ________. solution to the company’s financial woes .
A) Complete
B) Fleeting
Ans: B and C

Some tricks and hints for Text Completion questions:
  1. Attempt all questions of text completion type at the very beginning. They get completed in no time.
  2. These questions are completely based on your vocabulary. So, build your vocabulary and a total of 6 questions each section will be in the pocket in no time.
  3. Do not look for synonyms in the options and conclude that they are the correct answers. There may be 2 pairs of synonyms. For e.g. in the above example, A and F are also synonyms. But they do not fit the blank correctly.
  4. Try to fill out the blank with your own word without looking at the options. Then try to find the synonyms in the options.
  5. Double check your options by reading the entire sentence with your selected option.
  6. Do not waste a lot of time on these questions. If you are unable to answer, make a guess and move on. Reading comprehensions require a lot of time.