Necessary information before preparation for revised GRE

There are certain prerequisites before on starts preparing for the revised GRE. In this post you will find all the necessary information, including how to create GRE account, before starting your preparation for the revised GRE. 

1. Get a credit card:

Confused? The most important thing you must have is a credit card. Right from registering for a test till applying for Universities, you will need a credit card.
To register for GRE/TOEFL, you can use debit card also. But while applying for universities, you will have to have a credit card. So might as well procure a credit card which you can use for all your future transactions.

2. Apply for passport:

If you do not have a passport, apply for one. Make sure before your exam date, you have a passport. ETS has very strict rules for Indian students. Your primary identification has to be a passport. No other ID is allowed as a primary ID.

3. Register for revised GRE:

According to me, so long as you do not register for the test, you never start studying. So, if you want to start studying, better have a test date so that you can plan accordingly. To register for GRE, you have to create an account first. You can create you GRE account at the following link:
After creating an account, select a date roughly 2 to 3 months away. With proper planning and sincere efforts, 2 months time is sufficient to get a good score.

4. Register for TOEFL:

Unlike GRE, TOEFL is scheduled only on weekends. So getting TOEFL dates is very difficult. Do not wait for your GRE to get over before registering for TOEFL. As soon as you have your GRE date, register for a TOEFL date. I would suggest take a TOEFL date about one week after your GRE. TOEFL preparation doesn't require any extra efforts. If you are thorough with even half of GRE Verbal Reasoning, TOEFL is a cakewalk.
You can use the same account you have created for GRE. You will have to re-enter your profile before continuing for registration. 

4. Know the test pattern:

Once you have registered for the revised GRE, make yourself comfortable with revised GRE pattern with all the sections and question types. Click here for the detailed revised GRE pattern.