GRE preparation and GRE conversion chart

This article will explain how to prepare for GRE. A brief overview of GRE scoring system is provided in this article for reference. GRE score conversion, GRE material and GRE scoring will be covered in this article. GRE conversion chart is also given to help you with understanding of the GRE scores.

GRE preparation
This site contains all the information that will help you with your GRE preperation. Help with tricks for all sections of GRE are given in this site. To prepare well for GRE, you must be thoroughly familiar with the revised GRE pattern. This will help you understand all the questions, the purpose of those questions and what answers to write for those GRE questions. Getting yourself comfortable with the format will also help you study well and give direction to your study methods. After understanding the pattern, get yourself comfortable with the GRE scoring. The new format contains scoring from a scale of 130 to 170. This is drastically different from the old scoring of 1600 scale. Hence, it takes time to get used to this GRE scoring system. After you are thorough with the GRE pattern and GRE scoring, start preparing for GRE. Use the hints and tips provided in this article for various sections and proceed. Find out your own strategies and implement them. You know what is best for you. So, better prepare your own study plans and study timings. A GRE study group will help a lot as you can study with your friends.

GRE material
Go through the GRE study material section for a list of downloadable GRE material. It contains a comprehensive list of GRE books, websites, Verbal and Quant questions and lots more. Use all the information that is available online to your benefit. Since the material for GRE is available free of cost over the internet, no need to go for too many practice books. Just get 2-3 books for studying for GRE. It is better to start practice as early as possible. Hence, download and keep all the GRE material so that whenever you require, just browse through it.

GRE conversion chart
After taking GRE, the most important aspect of your profile is your GRE score. But since the format is changed, you need to analyse your score so that you can compare it with old score. To help with this process, ETS has officially announced a GRE score conversion chart on their website. Use this information to understand the GRE score value and compare it with old scores to see which Universities that you will get with your score.

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